Off Belay: Beyond Conquest

Mailee Hung (March 2017)


LA Times

What does rock music look like? 

Leah Ollman (February 17)



review of solo show contingency of an afterthought

Danica Sachs (July 2016)


Square Cylinder

review of solo show contingency of an afterthought

Mikko Lautamo (July 2016)


Art Agenda

Letha Wilson and Richard T. Walker's 'The Distance'

Jeanne Gerrity (December 2015)


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The Distance at Capital Gallery

Shotgun Reviews (November 2015)



Moving Image at Frieze Week: Song and Dance, and a Dark Clown

Marianne Templeton, (October 2015)


Square Cylinder

review of solo show the fallibility of intent

(April 2015)


Art Practical

Notes From di Rosa: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Vanessa Kauffman (April 2015)


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Richard T Walker Disrupts the Notion of the Sublime at ASU Museum in Tempe

Mikey Estes (November 2014)


The State Press

Ode To The Limitations of Language: Richard T Walker's 'The Predicament of Always (as we are)'

Zachariah Webb, (October 2014)



The Edit is the Art and Nature is the Bonus

Christina Rees, (October 2nd 2014)


Boulin Art Info

Daily Pic: Richard T. Walker's Wild West

Blake Gopnik (April 2014)


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A Vast Landscape Fills the Frame, An Interview with Richard T. Walker

(April 2014)